Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Me" time

Yesterday I got some much needed "me" time. You know, sometimes a pup just wants to be alone and let the humans go out and do "their" thing. That said, I spent yesterday afternoon in one of my most comfortable and quiet places...

Thank goodness I didn't have to go with them, from what they showed me, it was VERY loud and VERY dirty!

They went on a train ride just West of Ames in Boone. It's the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. TBG planned it so they could ride the restored steam locomotive train! They got to ride on the open valley car instead of being cooped up inside the train. From what I was told, it was beautiful weather, they saw lots of color as the trees move into Fall and the steam locomotive was by far the coolest thing (especially for TBG).

This was at the station before departure.

This was where the engine moved from one end of the train to the other at the halfway point.

TBG said he and Dr.No got really dirty on the trip back to the station. Apparently that steam locomotive is coal fired and it would belch out small coal bits under load. TBG said it was still worth the trip!

So friends, if you ever come to Ames and you want something different to do on a Saturday, a train trip through the Iowa hills & valleys should be on your list!

Here's a link to the railroad: Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

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