Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm back in Ames!

TBG and Deb met Aunts Linder and Debbie, Darius and I at the State line. We moved all my stuff into the PJ mobile and after some work & rest at the restaurant and tearful goodbyes...TBG, Deb and I headed back to Ames.

Here are a few pics from Saturday and Sunday.

                                                                 I got to park here while working at Met Life!

My last agility class in KC

My best buds!
Me, Darius, Divot and Leitner

My favorite "stand-in" trainer...Aunt Linder!!

Thanks so much to the Kansas City Chapter of CCI for making me feel so welcome these past many weeks! Thanks to Aunt Debbie for letting me play with Darius and special thanks to Aunt Linder for taking care of and training me while TBG recovered. 

Remember, my doggy door is always open to you all!

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