Saturday, June 29, 2013

So, I've learned some new technology!

I don't know how to type yet, but I wanted to share my experiences with my new family. I've been reading Carver and Ansel's blogs to see who my new peeps are and completely understand why they used the name TBG for Mr.Sellers. I don't know why they referred to Deb as SWMBO, but I'll tell ya, she will be Dr. No to me ;^)

I was able to convince TBG to get me some of the latest voice to text software and I am coming to you now WITHOUT having to lift a paw!! The previous "Boys" just weren't smart enough to figure this out.

Here's my first bath and believe me, I needed it!

I got to meet Mona, who took care of Jeb, Ansel AND Carver. I've heard through the tail line that Mona is an exceptional Vet! Sadly, I'll have to find a new one once we move to Iowa.

Here's my first attempt at helping Dr. No with the laundry. For some reason, she kept telling me NOT to hang onto the clothes...whatever.

Got sidetracked by this foul odor from a pair of boots.

Here's some pics of me doing what I do best!

I'm pretty sure it was me who killed the duck.

So, thanks to my new techno gear, nobody can stop the PJ literary express!



  1. Such a smart little girl. will be hearing from Dr. No A LOT! Can't wait to see you.

  2. What a cutie!! Welcome, PJ!! Excited to read your training story - Best Wishes every step ~ you'll be Great!!!


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